My Story

From Fire Instructor to Body Language Coach & Trainer

Even as a socially awkward introvert, I'd always dreamed of teaching at the fire college and in June of 2016, I proudly joined the instructional team. In December 2017 I left that dream job to head in a different direction. It was a short tenure but rich in life lessons both personally and professionally, and it led to my next career move. With the skills I'd developed as an instructor, along with my passion for personal development, it became my mission to take what I'd learned and use it to help others. Becoming a certified Body Language and Nonverbal Communication Trainer helped me uncover my hidden authentic self that had been buried under years of insecurity and self doubt.

My Journey - Jennifer Grigg

Growing Up Shy and Insecure

Much of my life experience centered around a lack of confidence and a feeling of being uncomfortable in my own skin. Traumatic childhood events caused me to go within at a young age, far beyond just being shy. I approached life from a place of fear and anxiousness about almost everything. Very little came easily to me. I battled feelings of not measuring up and I felt that there was something deeply flawed and unfixable about me.  

Anxiety, in particular, cost me my best jobs. Each time I reached a career highlight, my self-doubt kicked in and derailed my momentum. I didn't understand that it was anxiety at the time though. To make matters worse, depression always seemed to settle in after anxiety had knocked me off my perch and caused never-ending struggles in my personal relationships.


Jen standing by a river

Forward Momentum

Healing is an ongoing adventure and I'm okay with that. It's a beautiful unfolding. The more we're willing to do the messy, painful, courageous work of facing our crap and deconstructing the perceptions we've been holding onto about ourselves, the more we're able to open up to the beauty within us and in everything around us.

Learning body language and nonverbal communication opened up opportunities for me that I never would've imagined and created huge forward momentum in my life.

Mostly though, it was me. I never gave up. I'm my own biggest fan. 


What I've Learned

I've gotten to a place in life where I'm able to see the beauty in everything (including myself) and so can you. I didn't stop until I uncovered the truth within me and I know that your truth with literally set you free as well. No more insecurity - alignment is my new default!

You Are Amazing

I know without a doubt in my mind that you are ready to uncover the real you - to get back to your truth. I know that inside of you lies long-buried hopes, dreams, and yearnings for a fuller, happier, healthier life or you wouldn't be here now. 

It's been a long, strange trip for me to get to where I am now but there's nowhere I'd rather be. I draw inspiration and experience from all aspects of my life from firefighting to introversion to body language training. Everything I've gone through has shaped me into the person I am today and I'm thankful for every moment of it because it has given me the ability and opportunity to connect with people like you.

You have a beautiful gift inside you that only you can bring to the world.

Let me help you uncover it.