Smile, it’s contagious!

Smile It's Contagious - Jennifer Grigg Coaching

A genuine smile not only stimulates your own sense of well-being, it also tells those around you that you are approachable, cooperative, and trustworthy. A genuine smile comes on slowly, crinkles the eyes, lights up the face, and fades away slowly. Most importantly, smiling directly influences how other people respond to you. When you smile […]

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Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way - Jennifer Grigg Coaching

Do you have the Fleetwood Mac song in your head right now? Because I do and I really wish I’d bought this pillow when I saw it during a visit to see family in Okotoks, Alberta last summer. I can only hope to come across it again on my next visit because it speaks to […]

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Fall Into The Blue

Jen skydiving

When I look up to the sky now, It looks different to me. I have a new understanding Of how expansive life can be. I’ve lived mostly in a bubble, Quiet in my world Until bit by bit It began to unfurl. Today it blew wide open When I jumped in tandem The universe at […]

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What are you waiting for right now? Anything? Are you waiting for the weekend? Waiting to take a vacation, a trip, a get away?  Waiting for the end of your work day? Waiting until the time is right to, oh I don’t know, live your life? I had one of Oprah’s “a-ha moments” about the […]

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My Current Adventure

Day two of my month-long sabbatical from work and I’ve never felt so relaxed and at ease. Who wouldn’t be, right? A month off work to do whatever you want with? When coworkers heard that I was taking a month off, I heard a multitude of comments. “How did you pull that off?”, “Must be nice. I couldn’t […]

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