Everyday moments

Depression and Anxiety Do Not Have To Be A Life Sentence

Jen standing by a river

Five years ago I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (it was MAJOR, and it was DEPRESSING and I was completely OUT OF ORDER), generalized anxiety disorder (yes, I was a little high strung…ok a lot…and…a lot of the time…and about pretty much everything), social anxiety disorder (so much for always blaming it on my introversion), PTSD […]

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What are you waiting for right now? Anything? Are you waiting for the weekend? Waiting to take a vacation, a trip, a get away?  Waiting for the end of your work day? Waiting until the time is right to, oh I don’t know, live your life? I had one of Oprah’s “a-ha moments” about the […]

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The Introvert Adventures

So yesterday I did something I never thought I’d do in light of the fact that I’m a die-hard introvert. I went to a psychic fair with a friend of mine and her friend, who both sell home based products (Thirty-One and Zudora). When my friend first mentioned it to me, I thought “uh-no. I […]

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My Meltdown

I had a “relapse” of sorts this week. I’ve been off medication for depression since January and thought I was motoring along really well – that is, until the wheels fell completely off my wagon a few days ago. There was a boatload of tears, waves of frustration, anger and sadness all jumbled into one, and a couple of days […]

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Listening to your gut

They say that old habits die hard, and from what I’ve experienced with my old habits, it’s true. One completely unproductive old habit that I’m working on changing is the way I react to things. Consider the following scenario; when somebody says something that I may not necessarily agree with or like, it creates an […]

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Let the walls come down

I spent much of my life putting up walls around me. I’m so happy to see that I’m finally dismantling those walls, and letting life in. I finally understand that it’s my thinking that builds the walls, and it’s my heart that allows them to come down. My thoughts (the negative, limiting, self-sabotaging ones) create […]

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