Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way - Jennifer Grigg Coaching

Do you have the Fleetwood Mac song in your head right now? Because I do and I really wish I’d bought this pillow when I saw it during a visit to see family in Okotoks, Alberta last summer. I can only hope to come across it again on my next visit because it speaks to […]

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Fall Into The Blue

Jen skydiving

When I look up to the sky now, It looks different to me. I have a new understanding Of how expansive life can be. I’ve lived mostly in a bubble, Quiet in my world Until bit by bit It began to unfurl. Today it blew wide open When I jumped in tandem The universe at […]

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My Current Adventure

Day two of my month-long sabbatical from work and I’ve never felt so relaxed and at ease. Who wouldn’t be, right? A month off work to do whatever you want with? When coworkers heard that I was taking a month off, I heard a multitude of comments. “How did you pull that off?”, “Must be nice. I couldn’t […]

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Listening to your gut

They say that old habits die hard, and from what I’ve experienced with my old habits, it’s true. One completely unproductive old habit that I’m working on changing is the way I react to things. Consider the following scenario; when somebody says something that I may not necessarily agree with or like, it creates an […]

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