Whatever’s in your heart
Dream that dream
The idea has been planted
In order to be seen

It starts as an image
In your mind
Its goal to become reality
Which you’ll soon find

Requires only faith
Steadfast and true
Faith in your abilities
And the miracle that is you

The things you long for
Are meant to be
They’re as real
As you and me

It’s not silly
To desire these things
They’re messages from your heart
Give them wings

Surrender to your dreams
Let go of the rules
Ignore the naysayers
You’ve got the tools

It’s in your spirit
and the fire in your eyes
You are unbounded potential
Go light up the skies

A shift is coming
You feel it, you do
It’s a new day
Dawning for you

Take a deep breath
Let it touch your soul
Let it out slowly
And name your goal