Jen at a car fire
Jen at her calling – putting out a car fire

Our Calling

The lights and sirens,

The thrill of it all.

The adrenaline rush

Of going to a call.

It could be a medical,

Or an MVC,

It could be a fire,

Or maybe all three.

It’s never easy

To see a person in pain.

There is only one thing

That we can hope to gain.

The simple knowing

That when needed, we were there.

Maybe we saved someone,

Or at least showed them we care.

The destruction we’ve seen,

Of people’s houses, people’s lives

Makes us want to go home

And hold our husbands and wives.

For those with kids,

The pain can be too much to bear,

When you’re working on a child

And see your own baby there.

So we choke back the tears,

The frustration, the pain.

We gather our composure

And get back out there again.

It’s in the heart of every firefighter,

A courage very rare, and very true.

A common thread that connects us all,

The need to be there for you.

Jen in the firetruck
Jen doing what she loves