The Introvert Adventures

So yesterday I did something I never thought I’d do in light of the fact that I’m a die-hard introvert. I went to a psychic fair with a friend of mine and her friend, who both sell home based products (Thirty-One and Zudora). When my friend first mentioned it to me, I thought “uh-no. I […]

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Kids, you gotta love ’em!

Kids, you gotta love 'em!

I found this note this morning taped to the cupboard door where we’d hidden some Christmas presents…or apprarently, not hidden. It made me laugh and then I sent the pic to hubby’s cell phone. He said we should tell daughter who wrote the note that we’re taking the gifts back. I think it’s hilarious because I never would’ve admitted to snooping when I was a kid, let alone leaving a note about it! Kids, you gotta love ’em!

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Who knew?

Who knew that a simple idea like taking the kids to McDonald’s for breakfast could turn out to be such a good idea? Not only did they think I was awesome for it, there were other positive benefits that I wouldn’t have realized had I not had the idea in the first place. For instance, I didn’t have to […]

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