Want to know how to live an authentic life?

Read on to find out how a desire to improve my people skills and overcome anxiety led to a certification in Body Language Training and me finding my way back to myself and my authentic life.

How I use Body Language Training to help you uncover your authentic self

I grew up as an overly anxious, socially awkward introvert who longed to feel comfortable in my own skin. Charming and charismatic people always fascinated me and I wondered if those were qualities that I'd ever be able to develop in myself. I always felt like an oddball and a misfit, and I wondered if I'd ever find my place in the world. I didn't exactly embrace life. I give you Exhibit A...

Jennifer Grigg childhood photo
Exhibit A

I thought I'd finally found my happy place when I joined the fire service back in 1992. Although I spent over 25 years in the fire service, my insecurities got the best of me even in the world of fire that I loved so deeply. I often felt like didn't fit in and still fought feelings that something was missing, or that I was missing some colossal element of life that everyone else seemed to understand.

When I was an instructor at our provincial fire college (a career highlight), I fought underlying feelings of not being good enough and felt like an imposter much of the time. But I became aware of something that instantly helped me feel more confident, which was HUGE for a shy introvert such as myself. Something as simple as adjusting my posture created a noticeable shift in how I was feeling and therefore how I presented myself. Chin up, shoulders down and suddenly I felt more in control. It allowed me to be present in the moment and connect with people authentically and organically. Who knew that my body language could have such an impact on my overall wellbeing and how I showed up in the world? Not me!

However, the more confident I felt in my job, the louder the little voice inside got, telling me this wasn't it. I didn't know what "it" was, but I knew this wasn't it. I had no idea at the time that a new career path was soon to follow. If you look at the three pictures above, what vibe do you get from them? Was I in my happy place or just trying to make it look like I was in my happy place? Something still wasn't right. I wasn't living an authentic life.

When I learned to use the Power of Body Language to communicate from my authentic self (something I'd always struggled with) rather than sending mixed signals (which I was unintentionally doing all the time), I went from being so confused I didn't even know what I wanted to having 100% faith in myself and my decisions. Harnessing my own body language and my internal and external communication was one of the powerful tools I used to change my life.

And it's something that YOU have within you.

If you feel like you're not living your truth or you're missing out on your life, I have good news. This is your AUTHENTIC life beckoning you forward.

I can help you reconnect with the REAL you so that you can take back control of your life and live every day in a way that empowers you and increases your confidence to a point where no one would believe you ever struggled with it. Live your truth by harnessing your innate power to go within and align your internal and external worlds.

You are powerful


One on One Coaching
When I discovered the Science of People and their Body Language Trainer Certification program, I knew I'd found the key to unlocking my authentic self and my hidden superpower. I received certification as a trainer in April 2018 and I've continued to study the science of nonverbal and human behaviour. I'm fascinated by the way our emotions have direct access to, and influence over, what our body is doing and the messages we're sending whether we're aware of it or not. Simple things like your posture for example...

slumped body language

This pic just makes me feel ....blaaaah, and the longer I look at it, the worse it gets. How much time do you spend in this position? Either at work or at home. We ALL do it! What message do you think you're sending to yourself and to others when you spend the majority of your time slouched over like that? I am powerful and confident and in control? Not likely! I feel blaaah. I am blaaah. I look blaaah is more like it.

If you're looking for a simple, effective and super powerful way to boost your confidence, or to know yourself better and communicate more effectively, or to bring out your best qualities (because you definitely have a ton of them!) then look no further. If you're dreaming of living an authentic life, you're in the right place.

Your Coaching Session: In this one-hour session, which can be done by phone, by Zoom or in person (depending on where you're located), we'll figure out which area you'd like to see rapid growth in first based on the 6 areas of influence.

You can start now by figuring out which of the following is a pain point (in bold) for you, starting with the first three:

How's your first impression? Does it reflect the REAL you? The authentic you? Mine totally sucked! It's waaay better now!

How would you rate your presence? Do you feel like you're showing the world who you really are? Or do you feel more like a big old wallflower? Are you always elsewhere in your head or present in what you're doing?

How about your detection skills? Can you tell when people aren't being genuine? Do you know when you're lying to yourself? Hmmmm? Being honest with yourself is the first step in finding your way back to the real you and affects all of your interactions with others.

Advanced level skills we can work on include;

Wish you were better at reading people and communicating with them? Then we'll work on your perceptiveness so you can command a room and grab the bull by the horns before people even know what hit them.

How are your leadership skills? Are you looking to step up your game and show up differently at home or at work? Feel like people don't listen to you or take you seriously? That's a crummy place to be, I know. I can help you with that too.

How would you rate your charisma? Are you already a total charmer?  Of course you are! You just might not be communicating that to others, or even to yourself.

Next we'll set up a game plan for getting you to the place you want to be with purposeful and congruent body language and your internal and external communication. This is all about you and helping you get in touch with that super awesome, confident superstar that you are.

I offer a totally intuitive approach which means that I'm here to listen and to guide because you have all the skills you're looking for on the inside. I'm just helping you get in touch with your authentic self so you can take back control of your one beautiful life! I'm a down to earth introvert who spent over 2 decades in the fire service, and I bring all of it to the table to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

1 hour session: $90.00

2 hour session: $160.00

Contact me for info on Corporate or Group Training.

You have all the answers within - I'm just here to help you uncover them.

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It's time to start living an authentic life. YOUR authentic life.

If you're thinking about booking a coaching session, awesome. I'm super proud of you because I know what a big step that is. You're ready to try something new because you want something different in your life and you know that in order to get things you've never had, you need to do things you've never done. Which is work with me - if this is your first time.

More great news! You don't have to go to some strange office in a different city, you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and you can pay on line. I've made it easy for you to take the next step.

Click below to book an on-line coaching session via Zoom (which is this awesome tool that all the cool kids are using, if you've never heard of it). Or you have the choice of an old school phone call if that's your preference.

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Super stoked!


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