You have all the answers within - I'm just here to help you uncover them.

Body Language Training

Your hidden superpower...

I grew up as an overly anxious, socially awkward introvert who longed to feel comfortable in my own skin. Charming and charismatic people always fascinated me and I wondered if those were qualities that I'd ever be able to develop in myself.

When I was an instructor at our provincial fire college, I became aware of something that instantly helped me feel more confident, which was huge for a shy introvert such as myself. A small adjustment to my posture created a noticeable shift in how I was feeling and therefore how I presented myself. Chin up, shoulders down and back and I was good to go.  Little did I know that a new career path was soon to follow. Learning to leverage the Power of Body Language changed my life in ways that I couldn't have imagined.

And it's something that YOU have within you.

Wish you were better at communicating with others? Socially awkward? Feel like you could use a little help in the confidence department or just want to improve your people skills?

I can help you increase your confidence and charisma  (and so much more) by harnessing your nonverbal communication skills. Learn how to leverage your body language and how to read others to be a more effective, intuitive communicator.

Contact me for info on Corporate or Group Training or click below to find out more about One on One Coaching.

One on One Body Language Coaching

If you were curious enough to click on this, you should to follow that curiosity and see where it takes you.

When I discovered the Science of People body language and nonverbal communication training program, I felt like I'd found a secret superpower. I received certification as a trainer in April 2018 and continue to study the science of nonverbal and human behaviour. I'm fascinated by the way our emotions have direct access to, and influence over, what our body is doing and the messages were sending whether we're aware of it or not.

If you're looking for a solid way to boost your confidence, or to communicate more effectively, or read people better at work and at home, I have all kinds of assistance to offer.

Body Language Coaching Session: In this one hour session, which we can do by phone/skype/zoom or in person (depending where you're located), we'll figure out what you'd like to work on and what I can help you with. If you'd like to proceed with doing additional sessions, (which can be anywhere from 1-2 hours) we'll set a game plan for getting you to the place you want to be with purposeful and congruent body language and nonverbal communication. This is all about you and helping you get in touch with that super awesome, confident superstar that you are.

I offer a totally intuitive approach which means that I'm here to listen and to guide, because you have all the skills you're looking for on the inside. I'm just helping you get in touch with your hidden superpower. 😉

1 hour session: $90.00

2 hour session: $160.00


Additional sessions available upon request.

Intuitive Coaching

Finding Your Way Back Home to Yourself Jennifer Grigg

The toughest times in my life have always turned out to be blessings of the biggest kind because they've forced me to tune into myself and let go of what was no longer working for me. I've often had an idea in my head of who I thought I should be but it was based on years of faulty logic and reasoning. The harder I tried to make it work the more I seemed to struggle, until eventually everything collapsed around me. Including me.

Seeking the help of an intuitive guide helped me get in touch with the truth of who I really am and I was blown away by the change I felt within. For the first time, I experienced feeling whole and complete.

I felt things that I'd longed for my whole life but always seemed out of reach - such as a deep connection to my parents and siblings, and a sense of peace and presence that was hard to put words to. I finally - truly - found my bliss.

We all have that ability to reconnect with the truth of who we are. We all have that happy place inside, we've just lost touch with it.

Now that I've found my way back to my truth, to my bliss, I can help guide you back to yours.

If this speaks to your soul, connect with me when you're ready to take this step.

Contact me for info on Group Training, or click below to find out about One on One Coaching.

One on One Intuitive Coaching

We're all on a journey of self discovery, and we're all at a place uniquely our own. It's hard to understand and it's even harder to explain, but I know this place because I've been there myself. The fact that you're reading this right now is acknowledgement that the part of you that you've been searching for is nearby and ready to reconnect.

Intuitive Coaching Session:  This is all about you and helping you find your way back home to yourself. In this one hour session, we'll uncover areas you're feeling blocked and consider tools you can use to continue to assist you in your journey back to your truth.

I offer a totally intuitive approach which means that I'm here to listen and to guide, because you have all the answer inside. I'm just helping you reconnect to that light within.

1 hour session: $90.00

2 hour session: $160.00


Additional sessions available upon request.

Book a Session

If you're thinking about booking a coaching session, awesome. I'm super proud of you because I know what a big step that is. You're ready to try something new because you want something different in your life and you know that in order to get things you've never had, you need to do things you've never done. Which is work with me - if this is your first time.

More great news! You don't have to go to some strange office in a different city, you can do this from the comfort of your own home, and you can pay on line. I've made it easy for you to take the next step.

Click below to book an on-line coaching session via Zoom (which is this awesome tool that all the cool kids are using, if you've never heard of it). Or you have the choice of an old school phone call if that's your preference.

I'll follow up via email to schedule a time and provide the link for the Zoom call after you've booked your session.

Super stoked!


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