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The Nonconformist Coach

I Do Things Differently


An introvert, mental health & body language coach and if any of those words resonate with you, I can help.


Need an inspiring speaker who’s truly faced the fire? (I’ve literally put out fires. wink)

Mindset Coaching

Think you’re working way too hard at life? I do too. Life is NOT supposed to be a struggle.

Mindfulness Coaching

Lost your sense of inner peace  (Inner peace? What is that anyway??) and need help finding your zen?

Keynote Speaker

Open, honest and funny conversations about mental health, leadership and empowerment.

Communications Training

Applying the science of body language and human behaviour to your life will change your life.

What Is My Coaching?

That’s a good question. I don’t have all the answers but I have walked through fire  – literally (I was a firefighter) and metaphorically (overcoming mental health challenges) – and I’ve figured a few things out.

Who Is Coaching For?

Are you tired of feeling stuck/lost/overwhelmed and ready to make a change? Coaching will help you achieve that by offering an objective look at what you’re currently experiencing and what you really want for your life.

What is The Process Like?

It’s like having a chat over coffee with a good friend, except I will make you (gently but firmly) lean into the tough stuff, because that’s how change happens. It’s based on the tools I’ve used to go from anxiety-ridden and socially awkward with very little confidence to being happy in life and building a business with little more than a dream in my heart.

1. Figuring out where you're stuck

The first step is taking stock of the different areas of your life and figuring out what’s troubling you most. We’ll look at things such as your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health, work life balance, social life, hobbies, etc. 

2. The CORE Method - Challenge

I used the CORE Coaching Method and the C stands for Challenge. Once we’ve identified the area or area(s) where you’re feeling stuck, our next step is to dig into that particular challenge and see why it’s there.

3. The CORE Method - Outcome

Next we’ll look at what your current outcome is – what you’re experiencing and why, and then we’ll delve into what you’d rather be creating in your life.

4. The CORE Method - Reframe

In this step, we are going to strategize about what can be done differently and what you’re willing to try.

5. The CORE Method - Envision

Now we’re going to look at your implementation, possible obstacles and how to overcome them. A successful change only happens when you take action and plan for bumps in the road. Accountability is key.

Coaching Packages

Take the First Step

In this free 45 minute coaching call you’ll get insight and tips to help you in your journey.


Individual Coaching Session

If you’re struggling with self-confidence, self-esteem, people pleasing or insecurity, let’s chat.


30 Day Coaching Package

Ready to reclaim a feeling of control over your life and reconnect to a sense of purpose? Let’s do this. 4 weeks to a renewed sense of self.

About Me

I’m Jen and I’ve been a people watcher all my life. I was an extremely shy child and a socially awkward adult and I’ve always been curious about what makes people tick. I’ve grown from  shy introvert to firefighter to coach and speaker. Now I help other wanderers achieve the same empowerment in their own lives. Click here to read more.







“I am so proud to know Jennifer. She has experienced tremendous personal growth and her dedication to learning more about herself in order to better serve those around her is an impressive feat. She’s consistently stepping up as a leader in her field, and I highly recommend her to any individual or group seeking training in nonverbal communication. She rocks!”

Vanessa Van Edwards, Behavioural Investigator ScienceofPeople.com, Author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

“With an engaging and charismatic personality, Jen tailored her program to our department to create a dynamic and interactive experience. The program she offers provides great insight and many takeaway skills to deal with a wide range of scenarios. I am very confident this training has improved our customer service and personnel engagements.”

Fire Chief Roree Payment, Clearview Fire and Emergency Services

“Jennifer is one of the most resilient people I have met, and it has been my privilege to follow Jennifer’s great journey of success over the last few years. When Jennifer speaks of overcoming adversity, people listen, she has real-life experience of triumphing over trauma.”

Forrest Willett, #1 Bestselling Author of Baseballs Don't Bounce and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

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