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About Me

Hi, I'm Jen. I help clients transform their thinking and heal their hearts.

After nearly 30 years in the fire service and a huge midlife metamorphosis, I left my job and ​started a coaching and hypnotherapy practice. I’ve spent the last few years studying, applying ​and mastering coaching and hypnotherapy techniques and the results I’ve created in my life are ​mind blowing. I’ve overcome lifelong patterns of depression and anxiety from childhood trauma ​and my years as a first responder, dissolved limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and ​believing that I wasn’t good enough, and reconnected with myself in a way that I never knew ​was possible!

Certified in:

Hypnotherapy with the ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy

HeartHealing™ Level 1 & 2

Heal Your Life® Coaching and Workshops


Hypnotherapy - This is for you if there’s a particular challenge ​you’d like help with. (Confidence, anxiety, fears/phobias, stress, ​sleep issues, etc). It consists of a 1:1 session and a custom ​curated hypnosis audio tailored to you.

HeartHealing™ - Highly regarded as getting the deepest, fastest, ​safest transformations for clients. It‘s a unique method to help ​heal universal wounds that cause us to self sabotage and block us ​from receiving love, success, happiness and inner peace. This is ​for you’re seeking healing in an area of your life based on a ​relationship wound from the past. Sessions are available in person ​or on Zoom and include an audio imprint of the session.

Heal Your Life® Coaching & Workshops - based on the work of ​HayHouse founder and self love pioneer, Louise Hay.

Client Testimonials - hypnosis ​audios

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"OMG you’re so good at this. I’m laying here crying listening to ​the hypnosis lol and had a huge epiphany like 8 minutes in...”



"Listened to the hypnosis and was in and out of ​sl​eep. Have to say I loved it.


"It was a great listen! I need to listen to it again. ​It definitely brought my focus of food and how it ​affects me to the forefront and wanting to have ​a ​healthier relationship iwht food!”

Client Testimonials - ​HeartHealing™ webinars


“You are an awesome presenter and ​hypnotherapist. I went really deep.”

"I felt like I was completely rested when I went to bed. It was ​like I had slept the whole night instead of 15 minutes (of the​ hypno​sis). Really powerful stuff! You have a gift!”



"You are so good! I’m glad I made it!”

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"You are very relaxed and calm, cool and collec​ted​!


...the constant reminder that I was safe allowed me to do this. I d​id not know the extent of trauma from a broken relationship that​ I had suffered was so deep and unprocessed. The session allow​ed me to look upon my experience in a third person perspecti​ve which was surreal. I felt light after the session, I slept a​nd continue to sleep much more sound​.”

Client Testimonials - ​HeartHealing™ sessions

“Incredibly powerful healing experience! Jen made me feel so safe​ and supported throughout the session and, as a result, I was able to​ fully trust her, myself, and the process of hypnotherapy.”​



“The session was relaxing, while intense all at the same time. It helped me let go ​of some anger and resentment, through connecting my mind, body, and soul. ​Highly recommend, especially for those who don't love traditional talk therapy.”​

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Reach out if you want to learn more ​about HeartHealing™ sessions, Heal ​Your Life® coaching sessions a​nd workshop​s​ ​or hypnotherapy sessions.

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